Friday, February 03, 2006

So Who is this Bettis Guy Anyway?
Kidding. But seriously, I can't use the urinal without hearing the name 'Jerome Bettis.' Attention Media: Take it easy! Lay-off a bit for crissake! Anyway, during the barrage of media stories regarding Bettis (or as my 96 year old neighbor now refers to him as "the bus") one story struck me as less redundant. It wasn't about the Super Bowl being in Detroit or any of the other unimaginative, repeating, unoriginal shit-ass stories you have read/heard. It was about Jerome Bettis, the student. The story goes on to tell how Bettis, as a nappy-headed grade school boy, used to carry a brief case to school. My mom (who loves such stories) talked to me about the article she had read. Her response was that she doubted anyone "made fun of him" because of the brief case. I beg to differ.


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