Friday, February 10, 2006

My Father, Finally Revealed
It has been requested that I post pictures of all my family members. The most requests have been for my dad. So there ya go. He has a nice beard. As evidenced by this picture, my dad could totally kick Popeye's ass. I still remember the day that picture was taken. The smell of saltwater filled the air. We were having pictures taken (the normal family photo bullshit) and I kept laughing at my dad because he looked ridiculous in his striped shit. I remember him getting pissed. About the time the picture you are looking at was taken, he was telling me, "there is nothing gay about my outfit, you little bastard!" Boy was I ever wrong. Look how pissed he is. Look at those guns! How about that hat?! There's something about the hat (or maybe the beard) that makes me think about lunch ladies. I wish I was a lunch lady. I make good salisbury steak and I know how to set a mouse trap. I think that pretty much qualifies me. I guess I've got something to think about this weekend.


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