Tuesday, January 17, 2006

"Hey, Mike?" - "Ya." - "You suck."
Thanks to a Mike Vanderjagt missed kick - if that's what you want to call it - the Indianapolis Colts have been eliminated from the play-offs. I couldn't resist piling on the 'liquored-up kicker.' For those looking for excuses, finally, the real reason the Colts have been eliminated from the play-offs: THE STEELERS KICKED THEIR ASSES.
The Pittsburgh defense was awesome and the Colts got their asses handed to them at the line of scrimmage. It is very difficult to win a football game when you are being dominated by your opposition up front.
Furthermore, Pittsburgh's game plan was executed to perfection. Not only were the Colts out executed, they looked over-matched. Hard to believe all this coming from a team that got their asses kicked by the Colts earlier in the season.
ESPN's Dan Patrick said it best when commenting on the game. "The thing that hurts the most is that this was supposed to be their year. All the stars were aligned." Home field advantage throughout the play-offs and even an in-door Super Bowl. Many experts expressed that if the Colts were to ever win a Super Bowl, they'd have to do so by playing on their home turf. 14-2, mission accomplished. But it still did not make a difference. Forget winning the Super Bowl, why can't the Colts make it to the Super Bowl. Colt's fans, as much as they hate to admit it, need to look no further than the man on the sidelines. The Colts have been out-schemed, out-executed and out-coached in the play-offs for three consecutive seasons. Who else is left to blame? Everybody likes Tony Dungy. He's a likeable guy. But how much slack will everyone continue to give him? The 'window of opportunity' in the NFL only lasts so long. I feel certain that Dungy will be back next year. However, if the results are similar to this years disappointing play-off loss, the Colts must cut their ties. Dungy has done nothing but prove he is not one of the NFL's elite coaches. It's on him to prove otherwise. The clock is ticking.


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