Friday, January 06, 2006

My Sister Katie
Katie was left on our door step on a December night in 1985. We raised her as our own. She has been a pain-in-the-ass ever since. She attends Purdue University. She is a Sophomore. Her GPA is 3.93...on a 12 point scale. She, like my younger sister, also plays lacrosse. Unlike my younger sister, she is more the delicate, feminine type. She is also practically a midget. So there is hardly any reason to fear her. Unless you are a man and she bites you (ouch)! She has the 'Hillary Clinton' thing going for her. By that I mean, whomever she dates, she tends to be running the show. Bill Clinton is wild and a smooth customer and all, but you know, when he gets home, Hillary is the boss. That's my sister. We tend not to see eye to eye. One year she actually bought me toilet paper for Christmas (four pack, Charmin). That was funny. But this year she came through with some cool gifts, so she's not the devil (any more).
My sister Katie (above): "It's a trap!"
A well respected leader in the community.


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