Friday, January 06, 2006

My Big Little Brother
6'-3", 295 pounds. Yikes. Here's one little brother who hardly got picked on. My brother is a Freshman at Ball State. He has a 2.85 GPA and plays right tackle on the football team. We have a good relationship because if I pissed him off, he could rip off my head and shit down my neck. I realize if we ever got into a fight, my only chance would be to kick him square in his nuts. And from there, I could probably out run him. I hope. We have had many adventures. Mostly, we talk football. He thinks he's smarter than me (regarding football) and he's probably correct. Damnest thing though, whenever we play NCAA 2006 I aways beat him. From what I hear, I'm the only person who beats him (at least on a regular basis). But like a Wookie, sometimes you have to let him win. He aspires to be a coach when he graduates. I expect that he will do so. I also think he will do long as I'm not on the opposing sidelines.
Guess who got the drumstick at Thanksgiving dinner.


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