Friday, January 27, 2006

The M's Have It!
Mr. Millen says: "Please don't cost me my job."

While we could argue all day weather Matt Millen is doing a good job, one thing is for certain: Matt Millen loves people whose last names start with the letter M. In fact, he will only hire coaches whose last names start with the letter M. There was a time when Millen would only consider candidates whose first and last names started with the letter M (like Matt Millen himself). That is how Marty Mornhinweg got his first (and last) gig as an NFL coach. Since then, Millen has loosened up a smidge and now allows himself to look beyond what the first letter in a prospective coaches' first name may be. However, he's not willing to go completelty bananas. Millen still insists that all coaches he hire have a last name that begins with the letter M. The list of Matt Millen's coaching hires goes as follows:

  • Marty Mornhinweg
  • Steve Mariucci
  • Rod Marinelli

If C was good enough for Cookie Monster, than M is good enough for Millen. I'm not going to rip the hire (yet). I don't know much about Marinelli other than he is a Vietnam Veteran and he has coached in Tampa Bay for ten years along side Tony Dungy & Lovie Smith (among others). So it would seem that Marinelli has the coaching pedigree thing down. And now, a question: Mr. Marinelli, your team has just won the coin toss in overtime. Do you elect to kick or receive? Marinelli must have been thinking to himself "gee, if a say 'true' that kinda makes me Millen's type of guy. On the other hand, it also makes me a complete moron..." Well whatever Marinelli said, Millen must have approved because Millen made Marinelli the head coach of the Detroit Lions.

And so the Marinelli Era has begun! But before that choice was made, many believed that Millen needed to hit one out of the park. Only time will tell if he has done so. If he has chosen well, it better start showing up in the 'win' column. And quick. If not, Millen may be out a job even before his latest hire. To which he might respond: "Damn! I should've hired Mike Mularky!"

By the way, did you notice the "Meijer" logo along side the Lion's logo in the picture? That's pretty generic. I mean, Meijer is like Kmart's cousin. I hope the Lion's aren't attempting to impress anyone with their Meijer affiliation. Bank One, Invesco, U.S. Cellular; those names are a little more impressive than Meijer. But than again, Meijer does start with an M.


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