Friday, January 06, 2006

A Man's Man: A Tribute To Mr. Reggie Glon
Notice no teeth when he smiles. That's because
all teeth have been lost due to snacking on nails.

Head Coach for the Mishawaka Marian Knights Football team, Mr. Reggie Glon. A man I truly admire. I admire him so much that I would go so far as to say he's doing a terrible job as coach. I only say this because one time I complimented him, his response was, "My drill instructor told me that if any one ever tells me that I'm doing a good job, I should punch them in the mouth because they're making me soft!" So out of respect, I say he's doing a terrible job. That, and I don't want to get punched in the mouth (for complimenting him). Makes sense. Oh yes, I did say Drill Instructor didn't I? Yes, he's a Marine. One time, he squared off against another coach on the football team (Coach Hintz). To give you an idea regarding size, it was like Lou Holtz (Coach Glon) versus ABC's Aaron Taylor (Coach Hintz). To sum it up, Coach Glon, as he put it, "invited the 'bear-hug' so I could get him close." Right where he wanted him. Then, Coach Glon defeated the mightiest of men by means a double fish-hook. Starting to get the idea? I would go to war with this man, just not against him. In addition to being able to kick your ass, Coach Glon is also a great leader and an excellent teacher. Above all, he is a good person. He has taught me many things about both football and life. My favorite: "Don't feel sorry for yourself." "Stop feeling sorry for yourself" has become a mantra for me when things are not going well. It has helped me start to work on the solution, rather than dwelling on the problem. Coach Glon has been a great influence.

Likes: football, warfare, explosives, snacking on nails, the smell of naplam in the morning, the triple-option attack

Dislikes: sunsets, cuddling, puppies, linemen who miss their assignments, The Easter Bunny


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