Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Herm Edwards is Full of Shit
(but I still like him)
And an Issue Concerning Kansas City's Hiring Practices

"My name is Herm and I'm full of shit."

Less than 2 years ago Kansas City Chiefs Head Coach Herm Edwards, while still serving as the Head Coach for the New York Jets, complained to management about a contract extension. He claimed it was about "commitment." He wanted the Jets to make a commitment to him and give him a fatter contract. Cut to the present day and Herm has left the Jets for the Kansas City Chiefs. Hey Herm, where's the commitment?! It's hard to talk about family and commitment (especially to a team) and expect them to execute what you have preached when you have contradicted your own beliefs, Herm. Herm. Hermmm, it makes me wonder...

So why do I like Herm anyway? He makes me laugh. And not just because he contradicts himself. But because the way he talks to the media amuses me. I like the way he raises his voice and gets short-tempered with reporters. The faces he makes when gets peeved make me laugh. I look forward to him taking his frustration out on the Kansas City media. Go, Herm, go!

In closing, I would like to add this item that has seemed to fly under everyone's radar: Herm is black. Not only is Herm black, but an NFL team has actually traded a draft pick to acquire his services as a coach. I'm inclined to say that NFL teams have come a long way in regard to hiring the best candidate for the job, regardless of color. The NFL has actually reached a point where one team is so desperate to get a coach that it is willing to give away a draft pick to do so - for a black coach. Good for the NFL. (And so we're clear; I don't believe in hiring black coaches - I believe in hiring the best coach, black or white.) But why hasn't anyone else mentioned this? Where's the NAACP now? Where's Jesse Jackson? Why haven't they released a statement praising (if not the NFL) than at least the Kansas City Chiefs? Make no mistake, this is a milestone. An achievement for black coaches and the NFL that has not seemed to even raise an eyebrow. This is simply going unnoticed. The question is why. The answer is that the hiring of Herm Edwards by the Kansas City Chiefs gives no one (except maybe Jets fans) anything to bitch about. And people of all races and sexes LOVE to bitch. It's an American pastime. Maybe the greatest American pastime of all. But why hasn't the media picked this up as maybe a 'feel-good' story about the NFL and how far they have come? I don't have an answer for that question. After all the NFL coaching vacancies are filled I'm sure that we'll hear all about how many black coaches got hired. ESPN will interview people and people will (you guessed it) bitch. But I've already strayed too far from the topic. However I do have one final thought regarding Kansas City's hiring of Herm Edwards: How many white coaches were interviewed by the Kansas City Chiefs for this job?


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